So we've solved that women in movies problem then

There are those who tell us that there’s something wrong with the film business. That women aren’t given their due in the industry, portrayals aren’t as they should be, starring roles not properly allocated. Given that this is probably the most viciously capitalist and free market business out there, this concerns us. For we do indeed think that capitalism and free markets combine to produce the best world we’re going to get.

The thing is though, we don’t believe that the combination produces that less bad than other systems just because. Rather, we insist that it’s the error correction system which is better, meaning that the joint system approaches the right answer better than any other.

Thus this system seems to be rather solved:

Films featuring a woman in the lead role are outperforming those in which a male actor gets top billing.

The conclusion was reached by researchers who carried out an exhaustive study of the most popular 350 films released in cinemas around the world between January 2014 and December 2017.

In films with small, medium and large budgets, all averaged better global grosses at the box office when a woman was listed as the lead star.

The study was carried out by Creative Artists Agency, the talent agency that represents many of Hollywood's biggest stars, male and female.

We do not claim that capitalist free marketry is perfect, nor that the world is. Only that this system aids us in zeroing in on what will make it better. Before this information was collated perhaps people didn’t know it. Now it has been collated therefore people do. We need do nothing more - that capitalist pursuit of profits in a market system is going to lead to the production of more movies with female lead roles, isn’t it?

Which is why the system does work, why it does correct errors. For it contains with in it, that ability to profit from getting things right, its own error correction system.