The Liberty Lectures 2012

Next month the ASI hosts its annual event, The Liberty Lectures on the 23rd August from 2-6pm. An afternoon of lectures for students only [but we'll be putting everything on Youtube as well — ed.], that aim to introduce them to big ideas they might not otherwise encounter. This August, the conference will cover economics, history and politics, with lectures on four big ideas that can help how we view the world.

'Only Individuals Choose' – Dr. Anthony J. Evans

A discussion of the use of individualism as an approach to social sciences. As opposed to a conventional perception of Economics as being something akin to Newtonian Mechanics, Anthony will put the case for doing away with an overreliance on models.

'Public Choice Theory' – Dr. Mark Pennington

Going within the black box of government, Mark will put forward the Public Choice School case for considering the role of incentives in public institutions.

'History as the Story of Liberty' – Dr. Stephen Davies

Eschewing the conventional narrative of history, Steve persuasively argues for a conception of history as a struggle between ruling and ruled classes.

'Causes of the Next Financial Crisis' – Jamie Whyte

Many see us as in a post-crisis state after the turmoil of 2007. Rather than just being in a slump, Jamie will argue that we are merely in the eye of the storm. The solutions to the last crisis which politicians are now putting in place are setting us up for an even bigger fall.

If you would like to attend, or you know a student who might be interested, please RSVP to

We look forward to seeing you there!