Blame Bush

Dan Mitchell makes a good point over at Cato@Liberty, as he attacks Karl Rove’s “hypocritical call for fiscal rectitude":

I’m a big fan of condemning Obama’s big-government schemes, but Rove is the last person in the world who should be complaining about too much wasteful spending. After all, he was the top adviser to President Bush and the federal budget exploded during Bush’s eight years, climbing from $1.8 trillion to more than $3.5 trillion. More specifically, Rove was a leading proponent of the proposals that dramatically expanded the size and scope of the federal government, including the no-bureaucrat-left-behind education bill, the two corrupt farm bills, the two pork-filled transportation bills, and the grossly irresponsible new Medicare entitlement program.

Similarly, in this opinion piece on Sphere Dan makes clear that since the fiscal year does not coincide with the political year, Obama actually inherited a far larger budget deficit than Republicans like to admit. This graph pretty much sums it up:

I don’t cite these articles in defence of President Obama, whose overriding objective seems to be the growth of the state. Rather, my point is that the problem is not Republicans or Democrats, but big government. And that argument applies just as much to our political parties as it does to those of the United States.