Out of control spending


As reported by the BBC, this government has finally decided that spending cuts are going to be necessary after Gordon Brown lead many to believe cuts would not be needed. Were we really expected to believe that a government that has put us nearly £900 billion in debt may not have needed spending cuts? With government spending reaching over 44% of the entire national income did the government truly expect to sit there and tell the British people that spending cuts might not be obligatory?

Government spending has simply reached astronomical proportions. We can no longer claim to live in a free market society. We live within the bounds the government has set for us, instead of the government living within the limits we have given to it. The invisible hand has been cut off, and the free market is caged. I am insulted that the government would dare to look at the people who elected them – the very people who they have laden with over £14,000 of debt each – and say that they believe spending cuts ‘might’ be necessary. What ‘might’ be necessary is a change of command from government to the people, and from the treasury department to the free market.

Government spending is nothing more than a facade to cover up increased debt and limited economic growth through open and fair trade in the free market. How much more government control of the economy do people need to see before they realize that government is painting them into a corner, or would they rather begin to climb the walls rather than stand up for change?