To save or not to save


The Obama administration is divided on more than just its healthcare policy. The name Obama has been synonymous with spending since he first took office in a misguided effort to stimulate economic growth. While the Obama spending program for government is no secret, it has also aimed to entice consumers to spend more money in the hurting economy through government tax credits and rebates. However, now President Obama wants to create incentives for the American people to save more money.

I am not in anyway opposed to saving, but what exactly does the Obama administration want people to do? If the American people save all the money they receive in tax incentives and government rebates then the money spent by government to stimulate the economy would have zero effect. Not only does Obama’s proposed saving program give incentives for individuals to save, but it also creates incentives for companies to donate into employees savings as well. It is as if the government is trying to counteract all of its spending measures to stimulate growth. Perhaps Obama would have more success if his right hand knew what the left was doing.