The oddity of closing the Tiger Temple

That we'd like the tiger to survive as a species is true: magnificent beings that they are. Which is why it's so odd that the authorities are closing down that Thai temple which breeds and keeps tigers:

Forty dead tiger cubs have been found in a freezer at a Thai Buddhist temple accused of wildlife trafficking and animal abuse.

Police and wildlife officials started an operation on Monday to remove all the living tigers at the Tiger Temple.

Pictures from journalists at the scene posted to social media showed the 40 cubs lined up on the floor.

The site in Kanchanaburi is a popular tourist attraction but has been closed to the public since the raid.

Finding newborn cubs on the site is pretty good evidence that they were not in fact wildlife trafficking, but wildlife creating. Which is, if saving the tiger is one of the things you desire to happen one of the things which you would thus hope someone would be doing.

Further, the way to save the tiger is to make having tigers more economically valuable to people than not having tigers. Thus creating potions from tigers is the way to save them.

Thus closing down a place which breeds tigers in order to make potions is simply most odd.

It's as if people haven't noted one of the salient facts about our world: there's a lot more cows around than nature alone would provide because we eat them, because they are economically valuable to us. Want more tigers? Make them more valuable.