There's a certain relation between different things here

We’re told that female entrepreneurs have it differently from male. The solution is, apparently, that more should be invested in the businesses of female entrepreneurs. However, there is a certain relationship being missed here:

Female entrepreneurs are more likely than men to take a salary cut when getting their own business off the ground, a survey has revealed.

The study found that women are more likely than their male counterparts to sacrifice their own income for the sake of getting a new business on a healthy footing.

It suggests that women are still struggling to attract investment into their firms and feel under more pressure to reinvest as much spare income as they have into the business.

The survey, by the small business investor Iwoca, also appears to show that women are less likely than men to sacrifice their family time when starting a company, suggesting they try harder than me to juggle their time in order to share it equally between work and their partner and children.

One possible - and reasonable, there is useful evidence on the point - explanation for this might be that more women start businesses in order to gain that greater family time. But let us leave such empiricism aside.

Concentrate upon the theory here. Starting a business isn’t easy and it requires significant investments of time. Those willing to invest less time in doing so gain access to less capital to do so. This is a surprise in what universe? Further, which reality requires a solution to it?