This is quite wondrous from Owen Jones

The underlying subject is the slowdown in the rate of increase in lifespans. The answer, obviously enough from Jones, is Tory Austerity. Then he makes this statement:

Given the government is refusing a national inquiry into the great standstill in life expectancy, experts are left without a credible explanation other than austerity.

One of the experts named is Danny Dorling and we are unsurprised that he doesn't know what to think unless the government tells him. 

For that's what the claim is by Jones. Experts don't know unless government, through the medium of a national inquiry, tells them. It's all rather Promparty, isn't it? The engineers must be told by Stalin how to do their jobs and any who insist upon actual physics or chemistry are wreckers who must be rooted out. Instead of how we think the system should work which is that experts advise the government.

As, you know, would actually happen in a national inquiry. Experts in such things as lifespans would get together and advise government on what is happening and what should be done. Which, if said experts haven't a clue, are all at scoobie, isn't really something that's going to work very well, is it? 

But enough of logic and good scientific practice. Just savour the claim being made. Experts are left floundering for an explanation until and unless government tells them.

Well, yes, we think the modern university system probably does have a few disciplines that work that way, not that we find it reassuring that Jones is at least half right in some sense.