We have more than a little sympathy for Victorian laws

Not all laws of the 19 th century, of course not, but certain aspects of life did appear to be properly dealt with back then. Thus this complaint about Theresa Mays attitude towards Brexit doesn't really ring true with us:

An EU diplomat savaged Theresa May's Brexit stance - accusing her of coming up with a plan that is stuck in the Victorian age.

The official said the PM is so indecisive that it is easier to negotiate with Donald Trump.

In a brutal attack on Mrs May's Chequers plan, the ambassador of an EU country said the Prime Minister has come up with a plan which is 'very nostalgic'.

The unnamed diplomat told The Sun said the Brussels  bloc has found it incredibly  difficult to negotiate with Mrs May because she is 'irrational'.

The blistering put-down comes amid growing fears that Britain will crash out of the bloc without a deal.

After that blessed repeal of the Corn Laws Britain's trade position for negotiations was largely :

1) There will be no tariffs or quotas on imports into the United Kingdom - although there will be certain excise taxes.

2) Imports will be regulated the same as domestic products

3) You can do what you like.

3) Did get violated at times, demands for trade preference being enforced by gunboats - not something we would recommend in this age. But the three basic principles, those sound just fine to us. And it is Brexit, leaving the EU's Customs Union and Single Market as we do so, which would allow us to have that correct deal upon trade once again.

After all, why not do the very thing which we know makes us rich?