We welcome The Guardian realising this, of course we do

We are entirely happy that The G realises this, we’d just like to see them applying it to rather more of life:

The A380 proves that it’s profit that really makes an airliner fly

Even a great aeronautical achievement like a superjumbo can be brought low by the vagaries of economics

It’s not a vagary of economics it’s the point.

Sure, back two decades the idea of the superjumbo looked pretty good. No one knew it would work but the runes looked like it might. So, what we desire is a system in which people get to try out things that may or may not work. That being what a market based economic system does for us. People get to try stuff out.

We also need a method of deciding whether something has worked. This also being what is achieved by a market based economic system. If people don’t freely and voluntarily buy it then it’s not worked. Even, if enough don’t to mean no profit is made then it hasn’t.

We look forward to the application of this new found knowledge to such things as Sure Start, council housing and whatever else The G thinks our money should be spent upon. That markets work and one way they do is to tell us what we should stop doing.