A sensible welfare proposal


The Conservative Party plans to harden the line for welfare recipients if it wins the next election by requiring any able-bodied person on welfare who is under 21 and unemployed for three months to attend an intense work-training program. It is hoped that the proposed course would improve their work discipline and teach the skills necessary to obtain work.

Even better, they plan to "ask private sector companies and voluntary organisations to run the… centres." But what if they still don’t find a job? After a year of unemployment, they’ll be required to work full-time in community programme.

This proposal should increase productivity and decrease government spending on a deadweight program. By using private companies and charities, the worker-incentive program has a much better chance of being both effective and efficient.

As the party’s welfare spokesman Chris Grayling said, "Staying at home doing nothing will be a thing of the past."

It all fits in nicely with our line on welfare reform, which you can read more about in our 2007 report, Working Welfare.