Those ever longer working hours

You'll recall how were all worked like slaves by The Man? Capitalism holding our noses to the grindstone, how working hours are getting ever longer?

Well, no, not really:


I can't see that increase in working hours either. So we've one parp in the face of those who keep telling us that we're getting this work/life balance thing wrong. But we can go further too. Market or paid working hours are only part of the work that we do. We all also do unpaid working hours inside the home, so called household production. The cooking, the cleaning, general maintenance and so on. And hours spent on these activities have been falling even faster than those paid working hours.

The net result of all of this is that we are enjoying ever more leisure time: yes, including even commuting and everything, we're getting more leisure than any of the previous generations.

Which is of course just as it should be. As we're generally getting richer (OK, last couple of years apart) then we're choosing to take some of that greater wealth in more leisure, not just chasing after ever more money for shiny gewgaws. Our work/life balance is indeed changing: and it's us doing the deciding about how it shall change which is of course what annoys the people who think they should be telling us what to do.