What a delightful complaint about Amazon's new headquarters

An instructive little complaint about where Amazon has decided to put its new HQ building. Or, as it happens, buildings:

This engineered airdrop of tech people threatens to destroy America’s delicate distribution of unwanted wealthy demographic groups. Silicon Valley and Seattle get to deal with the techies. Los Angeles gets the Hollywood people. Washington gets the politics nerds, and New York gets finance types. We have each adapted to our own particular crosses to bear.

The complaint is against people earning good livings, in good jobs. It’s actually against the very process of wealth creation itself. Something which perhaps rather militates against that more general idea of good livings, good jobs, wealth creation for all.

That, to our mind at least, being the point of our having one of these economy things in the first place. The idea that through voluntary cooperation we can and will make the lived experience of each and every human being better. This being something that requires the generation of economic wealth so that economic wealth can be consumed.

There’s also only us people here, that then meaning that it has to be us people generating that wealth that can be consumed. At root, this is simply what an economy is. But here the complaint is that while we’d all just love to be doing the consuming we don’t want any of those producers around us.

It’s as alarming - or confused if you prefer - an idea as that traditional British disdain for those in trade. But then there’s nothing quite so conservative as a modern day lefty, is there? Yea, even progressives from Queens.