Why? No, really, why?

There's an important question that needs to be answered here:

Theresa May's housing adviser backs a controversial campaign to force landowners to offer huge discounts on the price of their land, it can be revealed.

Toby Lloyd, who was hired by Mrs May in April, called for an overhaul of compulsory purchase laws months before his appointment to Downing Street.

Writing on the website of Shelter, Mr Lloyd, then head of policy at the housing and homelessness charity, said the government should be able to buy up land at its "true market value", rather than current rates, which generally include a speculative uplift based on planning permission the site could gain for future development.

No, not that silliness about option value upon future development potential. What does anyone think market prices are if they're not an attempt to look into the future? 

Rather, hiring someone from Shelter? 

Sure, we can take Mancur Olson to be right here,democratic politics is simply about who gets to dip their ladle into the gravy. Thus pressure groups like Shelter are just the front men for one specific interest group - presumably those who would gain jobs, prominence and gongs from there being more money for state subsidised house building.

And yes, Spads and the like are going to be hired from those interest groups as Mancur points out. But hiring one from the enemy camp? 

That's the question that needs answering, why is a Tory government hiring someone from Shelter? It's as absurd as Momentum asking one of us to advise upon utility renationalisation.

What on Earth are they doing there at Number 10?