Why not do this anyway, Brexit or not?

We have to say that we don’t see this as a threat:

Britain will cut taxes and slash tariffs under secret plans drawn up by officials to kick-start the economy in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Sir Mark Sedwill, the Cabinet Secretary, has led a cross-departmental team examining the "economic levers" that can be used to make Britain more competitive.

The plans, which have been drawn up under the codename "Project After", include a series of aggressive policies to help the UK "steal a march" on the European Union.

For we desire that low tax, free trading, nation anyway. Given that the cognomen is richer than we are we just don’t see anything wrong with Singapore By The North Sea.

However desirable we don’t see why this has anything to do with Brexit. Britain would be a better place as a free trading low tax nation whatever our relationship with Brussels. The difficulty is only on whether we would be allowed to be so given our current relationship.

Which is where some Remainers are actually right. There are those who insist we must stay in in order to be a European social democracy hiding behind the trade restrictions of the zollverein. Membership of the EU virtually forces that upon us therefore membership is desirable. For it closes off the entire political debate over the possibility of our not being such a European social democracy.

Merits or not of Brexit is argued over here among us just as it is elsewhere. But there’s no doubt that it opens the political and economic possibilities for Britain. And we think slashing tariffs and lowering taxes are a good idea in themselves, how ever we get there.