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March TNG — Venezuela

The Adam Smith Institute will fling its doors wide open once again on 5th March, welcoming hacks, bag carriers, students, spinners, City slickers and other fellow wonks into our Westminster offices to enjoy a political discussion over a few glasses of wine.

Last month’s drinks were a roaring success with Andrew Doyle explaining why it’s never been more important to speak out and defend free speech.

This month we’re talking about the crisis in Venezuela and how the UK can, has, and should help. Maduro’s regime has pushed the country to the brink of collapse and the people left in the stricken state are suffering. Hear from Venezuelans in the UK who resent support for the dictatorship and want to see democracy, and prosperity, return to the country after socialism’s latest failure.

A bit more about these meetings:

The Next Generation events (or TNGs as we like to call them) are aimed at creating a network of young people interested in ideas that are shaping our world. They’ve been going for as long as the ASI has, and have been attended by people who went on to become Cabinet Ministers, Prime Ministers, Editors, and CEOs. The Tory and Labour spinner who dated on The Thick of It met at a TNG, according to an old BBC backstory document. So whatever your politics, we just like interesting ideas and we hope you do too. It’s for under 30s, it’s informal and we normally end up at the Marquis of Granby for those of you who just want to turn up for the non-free boozing in the pub. But why would you not want to join us for the entirety of the Bacchanalia?!


Date: Tuesday, March 5th

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (don’t come before 6pm - we won’t let you in! Even if it’s raining… our house, our rules)

Place: 23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3DJ

Please RSVP to confirm your place. It is invitation only, but if you would like to request a plus one, please do let us know.