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What can an independent Britain learn from New Zealand?

Once Britain exits the European Union the Government will take back control of a whole range of policy areas from fishing and agriculture to the ability to strike up new trade deals – but what should we do with those new found powers?

Perhaps New Zealand shows the way. They're regularly found at the top of rankings of economic freedom, with an agriculture sector that's thrived under minimal government involvement and a strong reputation for being open to international trade.

We thought we'd bring two of the sharpest New Zealanders we know to the ASI to try and figure out what Britain should do next.

Roger Partridge and Dr Oliver Hartwich both work for the New Zealand Initiative, which is New Zealand's leading think tank.

Roger Partridge serves as Chairman and previously led law firm Bell Gully from 2007 and 2014. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Dr Oliver Hartwich serves as Executive Director. Before joining the New Zealand Initiative, he was Chief Economist at Policy Exchange and an advisor in the House of Lords.

As usual, doors open at 6pm (and not a minute sooner). The talk will begin at 6.30pm and last for around 30 minutes followed by a Q and A. Complimentary Red and White Wine will be served.