A tidal wave of coverage for latest Tide Effect report

Our most recent report on legalising and regulating cannabis in the UK, in partnership with Volteface, has received blanket coverage across national, broadcast, consumer and regional media.

The story topped UK Reddit as well as trending on Facebook on launch day. 

This morning The Daily Telegraph ran Sam Bowman's letter to the editor, signed by key supporters of cannabis legalisation, from MP's to scientists, whose support led to the following coverage for the report.

National media:

BBC News reported on the story twice, creating an animation of the key report findings. 

The Times ran four print articles. 

The Daily Telegraph ran the story as the page 2 leader.

The Sun also covered on page 2, and ran two stories online.

The Daily Mail ran as the main story on the inside page.

The Daily Mirror also ran on page 2.

The Guardian's article received over 1,000 reader comments and was shared nearly 5,000 times.

Metro readers supported the report in the papers online poll, with 93% wanting legalisation.

The i ran the story in print.

The Independent's piece received nearly 500 comments, was shared 11,000 times and trended on Reddit. They ran a second piece focussing on the tax revenue.

City AM ran the story in print and online.

The Daily Express, The Scotsman, and The Herald also covered the report. As did key sites including Guido Fawkes, Conservative Home, the IBTimes, and The Week.


Sky News ran a poll in response to the report, revealing support for legalising medicinal cannabis.

Sky News also ran the story in their news bulletins throughout the morning and interviewed cannabis campaigner Clark French.

Sky interviewed Peter Lilley MP later in the day on the benefits of legalising cannabis.

Before finally interviewing Dr. Henry Fisher of Volteface for the evening news.

Sky Sunrise conducted an excellent interview with Baroness Molly Meacher, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform on the report.

Good Morning Britain ran an interview with Sam Bowman in their news bulletins throughout the morning as well as a full segment on the topic with Peter Lilley MP expressing his support.

ITV 1 interviewed Sam Bowman for their lunchtime news segment on the report.


BBC 2's Victoria Derbyshire featured an interview with Norman Lamb MP, and ran it as part of the news bulletin throughout the programme. 

Channel 4 included the story in its news bulletin throughout the day.

Channel 5 News spoke with Sam Bowman and ran the story through the day.

LBC's Nick Ferrari also spoke to Sam Bowman on the report.

5Live ran an hour long discussion with Flora Morris up against David Raynes. 

BBC Radio 4's Today Programme included the report in their news bulletin.

And finally, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, BBC Sussex, BBC Wales, BBC Bristol, BBC Tees, BBC London, Talk Radio, Heart FM, Kiss FM and many more also covered the story in their news bulletins throughout the day.

Consumer titles:

As with our Sinnovation paper, cannabis legalisation caught the attention of the consumer titles landing coverage on The Debrief, Esquire, Vice, Lad Bible (not twice but thrice), and Mashable.


The paper received a write up from the Yorkshire post and a further 220 regional papers and radio stations.

Additional links and broadcast clips will be added to the above, for any further information please contact flora@adamsmith.org.