ASI features in The Observer and The Independent for opposition to tax credit cuts

The Adam Smith Institute was featured in both The Observer and The Independent for our opposition to the government's tax credit cuts. From The Independent:

In an article for, Seema Malhotra, the shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Owen Smith, the shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, say: “It takes a master politician to unite the whole of the left of British politics with The Sun, The Spectator magazine, a sizable proportion of the new intake of Tory MPs, as well as the Bow Group and the Adam Smith Institute.  So credit where it’s due to the Chancellor, who has pulled off that seemingly impossible feat with his plans to cut tax credits.

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And in The Observer, Deputy Director of the ASI Sam Bowman was quoted:

And thats why even right wing thinktanks the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute for Economic Affairs, hardly the skivers' friends, criticised the policy last week: it will undermine work incentives. Sam Bowman of the ASI said: "The government has long claimed to want to make work pay for everyone, but cutting tax credits would disincentivise work and hurt those at the bottom of society."

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