ASI Fellow Roland Smith's comments disputing House of Lords claim on expat rights covered by City AM and The Daily Telegraph

Following claims from the Lords European Union committee that Brexit will negatively effect British expats, ASI Fellow Roland Smith's comments appeared in City AM and the Daily Telegraph.

The House of Lords claim that Brexit will negatively effect British expats following a vote to Leave is based on the presumption that the UK will leave the EU in a “complex and daunting" way, attempting to unpick many treaty obligations and partially replace them with a trade deal.
This is very unlikely to be the case. The Conservative government, the majority of whom have declared for Remain, are not about to cut off from the EU in a lengthy and complex way. Equally the EU is unlikely to offer anything other than the ‘off the shelf’ EEA deal, similar to Norway and Liechtenstein’s, and will make a tailored deal for Britain impossible to discourage other members from leaving.
The EEA option would have almost no effect on expats, or much else, because Britain’s single market participation and the four freedoms would stay intact at exit.

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