ASI report "Sound Money" features on Bloomberg and the IBTimes

The latest ASI paper, "Sound Money" has featured on Bloomberg and the IBTimes. The paper, written by Anthony J Evans, calls for radical monetary policy reform. From Bloomberg:

The Bank of England should tie monetary policy to the total amount of spending in the economy and quantitative easing should replace interest rates as its main tool, according to a new research report.

In a call to scrap the Monetary Policy Committee and eventually remove the central bank’s power to set interest rates, the London-based Adam Smith Institute said the performance of nominal gross domestic product, which doesn’t strip out inflation, should become the focus of the Bank of England.

From the IBTimes:

Major public policy thinktank the Adam Smith Institute has urged the Bank of England (BoE) to move towards a 'free banking system'. The Institute has said that ultimately, the Bank should be stripped of its monetary policy powers.

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