Author of ASI report "Wind Farms Reassessed" speaks to BBC radio Cambridgeshire and BBC radio Wales

Dr Capell Aris, author of new ASI report “Wind Power Reassessed: A review of the UK wind resource for electricity generation” speaks to BBC radio Cambridgeshire and debates David Clubb on BBC radio Wales about the details of the report. The report, published jointly by the Adam Smith Institute and the Scientific Alliance, severely undermines the case for a move towards more wind generation in the UK because it suggests that wind can never be a major reliable source of energy for the UK. Specifically, the report found that wind farms generate below 20% of their supposed output for 29 weeks a year, and only exceed 90% of their rated output for 17 hours a year.

Listen to Dr Aris on BBC radio Cambridgeshire here:

Listen to Dr Aris on BBC radio Wales here: