Big Brother and Nanny have been given the boot

The Adam Smith Institute praised the Queen's Speech for what it left out: "The omission of the snoopers' charter, plain packaging for tobacco products and minimum pricing for alcohol are cause for celebration," said the ASI. "Hopefully the government has learned that pushing people around is no way to govern, and paternalism over how much we drink and smoke is better left to the Victorians."

Its President, Dr Madsen Pirie, said "It is good news that there will now be no Big Brother powers for the authorities to spy on our private communications, and good news that there will be no more nanny state powers over tobacco and alcohol.  Their omission is a victory for freedom and good sense."

However, the government is going the wrong way on immigration, said the Institute's Research Director, Sam Bowman: "Instead of clamping down on illegal immigrants and their employers, the government should expand the number of visas available so immigrants who want to work have an easy path to legal residence. If given the chance to work, immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in services and boost economic growth overall. Making life harder for immigrants will not help anyone."