Britain’s Nostradamus Drives a Tesla | Dr. Madsen Pirie is interviewed for The Drive

President of the ASI, Dr. Madsen Pirie, was interviewed by The Drive website to discuss his predictions for the future of transport. He talks about his latest paper, "The UK and the world in 2050", and discusses his predictions that cars will be driverless, and energy will be free.

Not that there’ll be much distinction between home and car, mind. Another goodly chunk of the 2050 report describes the coming age of our robot overlords, who might let us sleep in—all the way to work. “I’m predicting that when we do have driverless cars, there can be sofas in them. You could have a bed. The whole layout of ‘two seats here, two seats there’ is completely outmoded. All you need to tell the car is where to go.”

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