Corbyn's policy picks the pockets of the many to subsidise the few

After Corbyn's swing to full Trump this morning with his Britain first announcement, Sam Dumitriu, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, slammed the position of the leader of the Labour party:

“Corbyn’s Trump-style protectionism is a bad deal for consumers, taxpayers and the developing world. 

"His cronyist plan to dole out public contracts to British firms, even if it means taxpayers paying more, will effectively rule out any future trading relationship with the EU, US, or China – hitting exporters hardest.

"Free trade has lifted millions out of poverty while making ordinary consumer goods from t-shirts to food cheaper. 

"Corbyn’s policy would end up picking the pockets of the many to subsidise the few.” 

We've also sent the Labour leader a copy of the condensed Wealth of Nations as we know he's a busy man. 


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