Coverage on the 2012 Budget

The Adam Smith Institute appeared on a variety of TV, radio, print and online news sites commenting on Osborne's announcements both pre and post speech. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Dr Eamonn Butler on the Jeff Randall Show, Sky News discussing the expected changes in taxes.
  • Dr Madsen Pirie on the Today Programme arguing against government intervention in business and for less regulation and taxes.
  • ASI Fellow Alex Singleton on the Jeremy Vine Show defending the need to scrap the 50p tax rate.
  • Sam Bowman on Al Arabiya TV giving his reaction to Osborne's announcements.
  • Dr Madsen Pirie writes in City AM an entrepreneur's wish list for the budget.
  • Sam Bowman writes in the New Statesman on his dream budget proposal: legalising and taxing drugs.
  • Sally Thompson writing on on the need to reduce the tax burden and simplify the tax system to generate growth.
  • Sam Bowman took part in a live blog on Reuters, giving his immediate reactions as the Budget policies were announced. 
  • Tom Clougherty's criticises the tax hike on cigarettes in The Sun.
  • The ASI's reaction to the 50p tax rate and lowering of the 40p tax threshold feature in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph and ConservativeHome.