Eamonn Butler tells it like it is to the Mail on Sunday

Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Eamonn Butler, didn't pull any punches over NHS pensions speaking with the Mail on Sunday this week. Discussing the million pound pension pots accumulated by some health bosses Dr. Butler said:

"It is sickening that anyone in the public sector can clock up multimillion-pound pensions and fringe benefits when ordinary people have no hope of saving anything like that amount – particularly with interest rates virtually zero.

"People struggling to look after their families and manage their finances will be justly outraged they are having to pay higher taxes to keep others in retirement luxury.’ Danny Cox, of pensions firm Hargreaves Lansdown, said an NHS pension with a nominal value of £1million would provide the holder with an annual income of £55,000 to £60,000 for life, plus a tax-free lump sum of around £165,000."

The article also appeared on Mail Online and can be viewed here