Transition should allow Britain to shape its place in the world

After David Davis spoke in Middlesbrough this afternoon and demanded that during transition the UK be able to draft and sign new trade deals, Matt Kilcoyne says this is both eminently sensible and a good demand for the EU to accept:

"David Davis is right to demand that the UK should be able to sign new trade deals during any transition period after Brexit. The common commercial policy of the EU is designed for members in it for the long haul, but the UK is very much on the way out. Transition is good for both the UK and EU, providing certainty for business and citizens. But if we're unable to shape our future place in the world during this period then it is time wasted and the EU risks a no deal scenario. 

"Britons need to start seeing the dividends of Brexit and that means more trade with our friends and allies across the world–a more global Britain, with a new outward focus. Deals show how that can happen. If the EU wants a friendly and close relationship with its largest trading partner, it will need to trust the UK to act in good faith in negotiations with third countries. This is a mature and friendly proposal by David Davis, the EU would be wise to heed it."

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