Forget Barack Obama's tears, his gun clampdown is pure politics | Kate Andrews writes for the Telegraph

The ASI's Head of Communications, Kate Andrews, wrote an analysis of President Obama's executive action on gun control for the Telegraph, arguing he is playing politics more than anything else:

President Obama has not met a speech he didn’t like; or, let’s be more generous, speeches tend to treat him well. The President has always had a knack for presentation, and his comparative advantage has been to come across likable and relatable in front of crowds, when it’s on his terms, and his topic of choice.

Yesterday, the President was in his element, and the world seemed to pause for his emotional 45-minute speech, detailing his new gun control provisions, which will be carried out through executive order. And his emotional bluntness seems to have come out as the top line of the news story – the clip of the President shedding tears for the victims of gun violence has gone viral.

The President once claimed he wakes up and learns about domestic and foreign happenings on TV news channels like everyone else. At the time, this seemed like the weakest excuse one could come up with for failing to address a scandal that led to hundreds of deaths in veteran’s hospitals. But after watching the President’s address yesterday, I’ve started to believe this is really the case.

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