Freeports to provide safe harbour in turbulent times

Freeports show that the government is taking the opportunities of Brexit seriously and we at the Adam Smith Institute are very pleased to hear that our Director and founder Dr Eamonn Butler has been asked to join the Freeports Advisory Panel to help bring them to fruition.

Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Eamonn Butler, said:

“Britain has a long and illustrious history as a global seafaring nation. Our prosperity has for centuries been built on free trade. Freeports will provide safe harbour for trade in turbulent times and show that hi-tech hubs of enterprise, low taxes, deregulation and trade without restriction can rebalance the economy and benefit regions that have been left behind. Free trade and freeports will set Britain on the right course as we sail out of the European Union and into the world.”

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UPDATE: news on freeports has been extensively covered in the media, with the Adam Smith Institute featuring in coverage by the BBC, ITV, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Scotsman, and the brilliant Grimsby Telegraph. A comment piece by Dr Eamonn Butler featured in the Telegraph, and one by Dr Madsen Pirie appeared on the Spectator.