Kate Andrews's comments on the gender pay gap feature in The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Caller

Head of Communications Kate Andrews’s comments on the Prime Minister’s pay gap pledge have featured in The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Caller. From The Daily Telegraph:

Of course, there are many variables at play in determining any individual’s pay. Kate Andrews from The Adam Smith Institute has called the pay gap “a myth”, adding: “Education, previous experiences, negotiating tactics and unique abilities all contribute to one’s salary, none of which can be known by comparing John and Jane’s annual take-home pay on a spreadsheet.”

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From The Daily Caller:

Since Hillary’s speech Monday, analysts have warned of the potential unintended consequences of using policy tools to hike the female labor participation rate. “Once again, we find examples of government overreach into wages and labor markets backfiring on the very people it is trying to protect,” Adam Smith Institute Research Associate Kate Andrews told TheDCNF.

“The gender pay gap has been debunked for the myth that it is; women are not earning less than their male counterparts on the whole because of employer discrimination, but rather because many women make different lifestyle choices that do not value a high salary above all else,” she added.

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