Kate Andrews's criticism of the Press Associations gender pay gap study features in The Daily Caller

Research Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, Kate Andrews, was quoted in The Daily Caller, criticising the Press Association's calculations in their latest gender pay gap study.

But according to economists at the Adam Smith Institute, the report’s figures on their own can give a misleading impression on gender wage gap.

Kate Andrews, research fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, told TheDCNF:

Even numbers rarely speak cold, hard truth – – especially when it comes to the gender wage gap debate. The Press Association calculates that by the time women reach their 30s, they are earning thousands of pounds less a year than men; their data, however, comes from the Office of National Statistics, which found that in 2014 (latest figures), women’s median salary was slightly higher than men’s up until the age of 40. How is this possible? The ONS calculates hourly wages rather than yearly salaries to control for number of hours worked.

According to Andrews, the PA numbers “calculate yearly, take-home income, which is more likely to prove that men work more hours than it is to prove the workplace is inheritly sexist.”

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