Leftwing pro-public sector Polly Toynbee agrees with the ASI

As the world continues to turn on its head the Guardian's Polly Toynbee agreed with the Adam Smith Institute this week, citing our Borders after Brexit report in her article "Take back control? Our Border Force is in no fit state to do its job,"

The piece noted:

Visa checks on people from non-EU countries are weaker, they claim, now visa offices abroad have been closed. “There are no standard interviews for student or visitor visas now. But you can’t rely on written references and qualifications,” says one officer who has worked overseas. “You need to see applicants to detect people who are not what they say they are.” During the present “surge”, there is only one forgery specialist each shift, instead of two or three: “They’re run off their feet.”
This isn’t just staff grumbling: the rightwing, anti-public sector Adam Smith Institute reported last month that the Border Force is “starved of funds and neglected”. Responsible for screening 225 million passengers a year arriving in the UK, it claims about 4,000 “high-risk” flights are landing without proper security checks.

You can read the article in full here if you don't believe us.