Media on Tax Freedom Day

Madsen Pirie on LBC Andrew Pirece show
Sam on BBC Radio Five 'Wake up to Money' and BBC R4 Today Programme

In print

The Daily Mail - VAT increase means you must work three more days a year to escape the taxman
The Daily Telegraph - George Osborne needs a bolder plan for growth
City AM - Time to celebrate Tax Freedom Day
The Daily Express - We've spent five months just paying tax

Tom Clougherty writing for ConservativeHome - Happy Tax Freedom Day 2011!
Douglas Carswell's blog - Happy Tax Freedom Day!

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Old Teaser

30 May 2011

In print, broadcast and online

News that this year's Tax Freedom Day fell on 30th May - three days later than in 2010 - received a great deal of media attention. Below is a selection of the coverage.