Mutually Assured Prosperity

Following David Davis' speech this morning where he called on European Union partners and member states to agree mutual recognition on the basis of trust the Adam Smith Institute says that the government's Brexit secretary is speaking sense. Matt Kilcoyne, Head of Communications at the ASI, said:

"When talking about trade we often hear of the importance of rule makers and rule takers. Most countries though know that in some things they make the rules, in others they take them. It will be the same for Britain as we leave the EU. In insurance, in banking, in legal contracts and many commodities it is British rules that are the basis of global trade. In goods we've worked for four decades with European partners to set global standards. 

"The Adam Smith Institute has argued in favour of mutual recognition before and it makes sense that we'll seek to mutually recognise the work of institutions that we've helped to build. Use of a single set of approvals boosts trade by removing barriers and time costs. 

"But it mustn't stop at the borders of Europe. The safety of medical devices in the USA, Switzerland, and Canada are just as good as those found on the continent. Cars from Japan are just as safe as those sold by German manufacturers. At the heart of this issue is trust. Governments should trust each other, just as multinational companies do in their supply chains. If we want a globally facing Britain we'd do well to support further mutual recognition and trust between our allies."

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