New ASI paper "The UK and the world in 2050" features in the Sun and the Mail Online

The latest ASI paper "The UK and the world in 2050", written by President Dr Madsen Pirie, has featured on the Mail Online and in The Sun newspaper. The paper makes a number of predictions about what life will be like in 2050, including the rise of GM foods, lab grown meat and driverless cars! From the Sun:

TODAY’S teens will live like millionaires in robot-run homes by the time they hit middle age, a think tank says.

Driverless cars and supersonic planes will also become the norm by 2050.

The Adam Smith Institute predictions also include an end to major diseases and an environmental boost from fast-growing GM trees.

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And from the Mail Online:

Imagine a world dominated by robots cars and planes, lab grown burgers and even the end of people going bald - and one where everyone could live like today's millionaires.

That is the picture painted today by the Adam Smith Institute which has predicted what Britain and the world might be like as soon as 2050.

As well as being wealthier, the researchers predict everyone will have more leisure time and be much healthier - with many of today's killer diseases like cancer defeated, degenerative illnesses like dementia cured and new organs routinely grown in a lab.

Read the full Mail article here.