Old McDonnell has a broken record at the TUC conference

As John McDonnell took to the stage late at the TUC conference, it turns out that we’d already heard the speech before. Matt Kilcoyne of the Adam Smith Institute, criticised the crack down promised by the Shadow Chancellor on gig workers’ rights and his ill focused cures for the British economy.

“Like a broken record John McDonnell is out again criticising gig economy workers that won't work like he wants them to. But the gig economy has been good for both consumers and workers. Freedom to choose flexibility is not one that workers will want to relinquish easily. It might be called a jobs miracle but Britain's record employment is very much a human achievement.”

“If McDonnell wants to increase people's purchasing power he won't achieve it by pushing up the minimum wage – that will just price people out of the market altogether. Instead he should commit Labour to making it easier to build houses where workers want to live, and reduce the burdens on childcare providers to bring down the bills that working families have to pay.”

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