Papers find MOT not up to the test

Our latest paper, written by Alex Hoagland of Boston University, caused a storm in the British press this week.

We looked at how well the MOT test prevented mechanical failures in cars, looking at the experience of how removing tests affected failure rates in American states and biennial testing in countries like Germany. In essence, we're being ripped-off as the tests have no impact on safety but end up costing motorists over £30 in up front fees and hundreds of pounds in unnecessary repairs. 

The report was covered by papers including the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Times, the Daily Express, the i Newspaper, the Herald, the Scotsman, the Yorkshire Post, and over 100 local titles. 

Sam Dumitriu, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, wrote for the Telegraph to explain why the outdated tests need to be scrapped. He made over 14 appearances on BBC radio and TV stations, including Radio 4 (from 46:54). 

Report author Alex Hoagland explained for the Times that a reliance on the MOT risked ignoring the real danger on our roads – drivers themselves.