Philip Salter Writes for City AM

Director of The Entrepreneur's Network (TEN), Philip Salter, writes for City AM: "UK innovators beat the US for optimism but challenges remain"

Read the article here.

"TODAY, Silicon Valley Bank releases Innovation Economy Outlook 2014, its annual global survey of more than 1,200 executives of fast-growth software, hardware, cleantech and healthcare companies. It offers food for thought for entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers. Thankfully, the main course is a feast of optimism, although challenges remain.

"Many stereotypes are rooted in fact – some aren’t. The broad assumption in the entrepreneurial circles is that entrepreneurs across the Atlantic are more optimistic than those in the UK; this assumption may need revising. Significantly, 84 per cent of UK executives surveyed are planning to grow their workforce this year, compared to 76 per cent in the US..."