Public Health England needs to pizz-a off with its busybody interference

Following the news that Public Health England are seeking to set targets to limit calories in pizzas, burgers and ready meals, the Adam Smith Institute is quick to blast this absurd decision.

Sam Bowman, Executive Director of the Adam Smith Institute, condemned the move saying:

"Public Health England needs to wind its neck in. It’s one thing to give advice about how to live healthily, but threatening food producers into making their foods less calorific and, let’s face it, less enjoyable to eat is way out of line. People eat high-calorie foods like pizza and pasta because they taste good – we know it’s fattening, but that’s a choice we make. If we feel we’re too fat, we can eat less or exercise more.

"Lucozade has already faced a massive backlash over its new ‘low sugar’ recipe, which many people think now tastes disgusting. Making pizzas less cheesy or smaller for the same price just means people getting ripped off and having more of the pleasure sucked out of their lives. We don’t need miserable bureaucrats at Public Health England interfering with our food choices and making the world a greyer, sadder place – even if it’s a slimmer one."

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