PM's alcohol plan is based on 'flawed assumptions'

Daily Mail: PM's alcohol plan is based on 'flawed assumptions' 

Daily Express: Crackdown on alcohol flawed

Daily Mirror: Booze plans 'don't work' features on page 2 

ConservativeHome: The science behind minimum alcohol pricing is based on suspect computer models written by Christopher Snowdon, co-author of the report. 

Spectator Coffee House: Why is government so confident that minimum alcohol pricing will work? by Chris Snowdon

BBC Radio Scotland: : Co-author of the report, John C Duffy appears on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the flawed computer model used as a basis for Scotland's minimum alcohol pricing. You can listen to him here (from 53.54 mins in).

Off Licence News: Case against minimum unit pricing gathers steam as Cameron prepares consultation

The Grocer: Minimum pricing evidence base is "non-existent"

City AM: Another blow for drinkers as price floor hits

The Independent mentions our report in it's article: Cabinet split over levy on alcohol. 


Our report on minimum alcohol pricing is covered in a number of newspapers, newswebsites and broadcast outlets.