Sam Bowman writes for the IBTimes on why Brits are wrong about the US gun debate

Deputy Director of the ASI, Sam Bowman, has written for the International Business Times on why Britain is wrong about the gun debate in America. He argues the fundamental issues are much less straight forward than most of us assume.

The debate in America is far from where most Britons think it should be – it is simply not realistic, practically or politically, to expect that guns can be banned any time soon, and so the debate in America is over much more fine questions: how long should you have to wait between buying a gun and receiving it? What sort of background checks should would-be gun owners have to go through? Are concealed carry laws a boon to criminals or to their potential victims? What is the right balance between the freedom to own a gun and the freedom not to be threatened with one? These are questions to which there are no easy answers.


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