Tax Freedom Day 2014 featured in The Daily Telegraph

The Adam Smith Institute has calculated that Tax Freedom Day 2014 falls on 28th May.

Read the Daily Telegraph's feature on Tax Freedom Day below.

Scots face 16 extra days working for taxman

"Independence could mean that workers in Scotland achieve "tax freedom" two weeks later than their counterparts south of the Border, the Treasury has claimed.

"Tax freedom day" is calculated by the Adam Smith Institute as the date in the calendar when people stop working to cover their tax bills and begin to earn for themselves.

"Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said that because Scotland would have a higher deficit than the UK, that could leave taxpayers working for longer before they could reach the date if there was a Yes vote in September's referendum.

"While "tax freedom day" in the UK falls today this year, Treasury analysis suggests that in an independent Scotland it could be 16 days later, on June 13."