The Financial Times reviews Dr Madsen Pirie's upcoming book "How To Win Every Argument"

The Financial Times gave a glowing review of Dr Madsen Pirie's upcoming book "How To Win Every Argument: The Use And Abuse of Logic", soon to be released.

All this is not only entertaining: it is genuinely useful when it comes to thinking about how arguments work. Mr Pirie’s contention is that, if you master the fallacies, you are not only better equipped to expose them in your opponents’ arguments, but will be able yourself “to perpetrate fallacies with mischief at heart and malice aforethought”. This is a low and sneaky tactic but an undoubtedly effective one.

Mr Pirie adds: “It is well worth the reader’s trouble to learn the Latin tags wherever possible. When an opponent is accused of perpetrating something with a Latin name it sounds as if he is suffering from a rare tropical disease. It has the added effect of making the accuser seem both erudite and authoritative.”

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