"The UK and the world in 2050" features in The Times and The Telegraph

The new ASI paper, "The UK and the world in 2050" has featured in the Times and the Telegraph. The paper suggests a variety of ways in which life will be different in the future, and even states that people will be twice as rich in real terms, and extinct animals will be brought back. From the Times:

In a paper from the Adam Smith Institute, Madsen Pirie, president of the free-market think tank, outlines trends in scientific research and makes predictions about how new technology will solve the energy, environmental and health problems of today.

Workers long accustomed to stagnant pay after years of austerity can look forward to earning twice as much in real terms by 2050, thanks to an average 2 per cent annual growth rate.

and from the Telegraph:

Today's teenagers will live like millionaires by the time they are middle-aged because of improvements in living standards, a respected think-tank has said.

Dr Pirie also predicts that several species of dinosaur will be recreated and roam the earth for the first time in 66 million years.

Read the full Times article here.

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