Adam Smith (1723-1790) was a Scottish philosopher and economist who is best known as the author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth Of Nations (1776), one of the most influential books ever written. Adam Smith's views on philosophy and economics are as relevant today as when he first expressed them over two hundred years ago. He saw the natural empathy between human beings as the basis for morality. Yet he recognised that the best practical way to lift the poor out of squalor and carry a nation to wealth and prosperity was a competitive economy built on free trade, limited government, low taxes, saving and investment. In such a free economy, he argued, our self-interest actually works to the benefit of everyone.

Panmure House, in the ancient heart of Edinburgh, was Adam Smith’s last home. From 1778 to 1790 it gave welcome to all the intellectual giants of the Scottish Enlightenment.Today, after decades of neglect, it stands derelict and forlorn.

Restoring a symbol of Scottish and global history

That is why Edinburgh Business School is seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rescue and breathe new life into this historic building making it once again a hub for learning, debate and enlightenment. With economic issues dominating today’s public debate, the world needs to rediscover Adam Smith. Fully restored and once more opened up to the world, Panmure House will not just preserve Adam Smith’s memory it will keep alive his enquiring, enlightened approach to solving our fundamental human problems.

"Admirers of Adam Smith from around the world will be thrilled at the prospect of his last home being opened up to the public and to scholars." – Gary Becker, 1992 Nobel Laureate in Economic Science


Panmure House will provide an inspiring location for:

  • specialist lectures, debates and seminars
  • an Adam Smith Lecture series by Nobel Laureates (20 of whom have given their approval to the project already) and other leading thinkers
  • educational programmes and school debating competitions
  • lectures and debates for current and future business leaders
  • public meetings, concerts, cultural and theatrical events
  • literary lunches and simulcast seminars on Adam Smith’s life and work
  • corporate strategy days.

Your vital role

Panmure House is presently in a very poor state of repair. Conserving and restoring the building, adapting it for public use, bringing the structure and facilities up to modern standards, and securing its future as an intellectual hub are all enormous tasks.We estimate the total costs of all this effort at £10 million.

This includes:

  • £4 million in capital funding to repair, restore, conserve and adapt Panmure House to the highest modern standards
  • £6 million for an endowment fund to ensure that Panmure House continues as an intellectual hub long into the future

If you would like to support this unique endeavour to honour Adam Smith's great legacy then please donate below.

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Further information

Read the full brochure about the Panmure House restoration project.

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