The Neoliberal Manifesto: A freer and more prosperous Britain

A new volume edited by Matthew Lesh, Head of Research at the ASI, Jack Powell, Founder of 1828, and Matt Gillow, Founder of 1828 and Research Associate at the ASI, outlines how to build a freer and more prosperous Britain:

Neoliberals are champions of freedom.

We believe that the role of government is to protect and facilitate your liberty to flourish – as long as you do not interfere with others doing the same.

Politics as we know it is realigning. Ideologies that were long thought to be dead are re-emerging. There is a growing dislike of our politicians and institutions.

With uncertainty comes opportunity, particularly for those willing to spell out a persuasive and positive vision. This manifesto tackles today’s policy challenges.

Each chapter outlines the issues along with the neoliberal goals and solutions. These ideas will deliver a freer and more prosperous Britain.