Omega report - Local government, planning and housing

"The Adam Smith Institute's Omega Project was conceived to fill a significant gap in the field of public policy research. Administrations entering office in democratic societies are often aware of the problems which they face, but lack a well-developed range of policy options. The process by which policy innovations are brought forward and examined is often wasteful of time, and unconducive to creative thought."

This Omega report is one of the Omega Files, a collection of 600 policy initiatives published by the Adam Smith Institute in the 1980s. This particular report's focus is local government, planning and housing, and it was one of the first papers to call for the relaxation of the greenbelt.

This Omega report is broken down into the following chapters:

  1. Local Government Services
  2. The Structure of Local Government
  3. The Finance of Local Government
  4. The Main Proposals
  5. Planning
  6. Planning Proposals
  7. Housing
  8. Summary and Conclusions