Young Writer on Liberty Competition 2019

Submissions are now closed and the next competition will open in January 2020.

Previous winning entries can be viewed for 2018 and 2019.

The Adam Smith Institute invites those in the UK aged 21 and under to enter our annual 'Young Writer on Liberty' competition.

This year's theme is: Future Tech

This is not a typical essay contest. Instead, entrants should submit three pieces in the style of ASI blog posts: around 250 to 400 words each. Each post should set out how free market policy reforms can accelerate technological progress in innovative areas. For example, you could submit an entry with one piece on how to maximise the positive impact of autonomous vehicles such as driverless cars or delivery drones, one piece on making the UK a world leader in the lab-grown meat industry, and one piece on creating a sensible post-Brexit regulatory environment for gene editing. As ever, please remember that we are interested in entries that show an understanding of the benefits of free markets and individual liberty.

We are looking for entrants who can think creatively and express themselves clearly and succinctly. As such, winning entries will be thought-provoking, well-argued, and suitably researched.

Prizes: There are categories for the Under-18s and the 18-21s, with a winner and a runner-up in each.

The winner of the Under-18 category will receive £150 prize money and a box of liberty-themed books. They will also have their articles published on the Adam Smith Institute blog.

The winner of the 18-21 category will receive a 2 week work experience placement at the Adam Smith Institute, £150 prize money, a box of liberty-themed books, and have their work published on the ASI blog.

Runners-up in each category will also receive a box of books, and have an article of their choice featured on the website.

How to enter: You should send your three articles via email to

If you have any questions or queries, please contact

We look forward to reading your entries!