An amazingly popular government policy - clearly, this must cease immediately

It's the conclusion here which doesn't seem right to us:

The budget for free schools doubled in the first five years of the programme and almost £10 billion will be spent on them by 2021, a critical report has revealed.

Tory MPs and head teachers suggested it was time for the scheme — established by Michael Gove — to be curbed so that schools could not be set up to cater solely for parental choice in areas where extra places were not needed.

The report, by the National Audit Office, said the programme had been much larger in scale and cost than the Department for Education planned. Its publication comes at a time when many school buildings are crumbling and heads face real-terms cuts in budgets.

It does smack very much of people really shouldn't be allowed to either decide upon nor enjoy government, doesn't it? 

Our own view is that if free schools manage to entirely eat the state school sector plus the associated budget then that's rather the point of them, isn't it? That the consumers of government services get to decide quite how government services are going to be delivered to them? 

Sure, the teachers unions and various other hangers on are going to be enraged but that's also part of the point, isn't it?